New: The Ultimate Billionaires

Falling for the Sheikh


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The Ultimate Billionaires Series:
Book 1: The Cynical Sheikh
Book 2: Falling for the Sheikh
Book 3: A Sheikh of Her Own
Book 4: The Unforgettable Sheikh



The Harts of Texas Trilogy

Rebel Heart--First of The Harts of Texas Series

Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart

Book 1, The Harts of Texas

USA Today best selling author Barbara McMahon has  new series:  The Harts of Texas.  Older brother Jase is making a name on the rodeo circuit when a broken bone temporarily puts him on the sidelines–just in time to help an old friend’s widow in Rebel Heart.  Brianna, the only girl in the family, puts career ahead of romance–until an old flame shows up in Tangled Hearts.  Younger brother Josh swears off women after being betrayed by his fiancee.  Yet when temporary housekeeper Molly shows up, he is hard pressed to remember why. 

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The Harts of Texas

Tangled Hearts
Tangled Hearts

The Harts of Texas, Book Two

Career trumps romance

For the last two years Brianna Hart has focused on her career in order to forget the man who dumped her. She’s a bit wary around those of the opposite gender these days, but time enough in the future to think about love and commitment. When her home is broken into, her office ransacked and her car searched the last person she wanted involved in any investigation is Detective Jake Morgan, the man who broke her heart two years ago.

To serve and protect

Jake Morgan’s no longer a beat cop, and has no business responding to the call of a B&E but he was almost at the address when the call came in. To his surprise it’s the woman he stopped seeing two years ago. Nothing adds up—not who could be stalking her, nor why she’s still single when he thought she was on the verge of getting engaged to another man.

He wants to protect—wouldn’t he do that for any citizen? But when the chips are down, he lays his heart on the line.

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Reckless Heart
Reckless Heart

The Harts of Texas, Book Three

Last chance

Molly Forrester’s never held a job longer than six months. Now it’s do or die time. If she can’t find something she’s good at, she’ll have to admit defeat and return to her father’s household and end up marrying some man more interested in her father’s bank account than his only daughter. This time she has to make it work! Yet a cook and housekeeper at a cattle ranch? Even she begins to doubt she can stay the course. Still—she’s the seventh in six months. And it’s her last chance.

Cynical and contemptuous

When his fiancee proves to be a gold-digging cheat, Josh Hart sends her packing and refuses to see any other woman in a different light. He’ll leave romance to others. Falling for another woman is the last thing he’ll do in this lifetime. He has a ranch to run. Unfortunately his long-time housekeeper left at the same time and over the last year six different women have quit or been fired. But to keep the cowboys on the ranch working, he needs a good cook—and soon.

Nothing about Molly Forrester convinces him she’s the right one, but he has no other alternatives at the moment. She can stay—but just until he finds a woman of fifty who can cook and clean and stay out of his way. At least that’s the plan at the start.

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A note from Barbara

Welcome to my website!

So glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll explore all of my website to learn about the romance novels I’ve written and a bit about me.  After years of writing contemporary romance novels, I ventured into an historical one, set in the English Regency period, and another experiment with a romantic suspense book

It’s been said my books are emotionally heartfelt romance stories. I like to think I touch the heart of my characters and share their ups and downs on the rocky road to true happiness. Cowboys are my favorite heroes, but I also branch out to other areas and have written several romances with a Christian Inspiration theme–with more to come.

A couple of themes tie some books together.  The Cowboy Hero series always have a cowboy as the hero and are, of course, set in the American West. The Tropical Escape books have a sea setting–whether on a sloop in the Caribbean or some exotic tropical island where I tried to capture the feel of sea breezes, warm waters and love.  And my Rocky Point books are all set in the fictitious town of Rocky Point, Maine.

Do check out some excerpts from different books. I hope you’ll find one or two that catch your fancy.

Let’s keep in touch. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  Please sign up for my Readers Group and I’ll let you know when I have new books coming out.  And write and let me know how you like the books. I’d love to hear from you.