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 In celebration of the marriage of our number three daughter, I’m putting a short romantic novella up for a free read.  It was first published a few years back by Harlequin on their on-line reads.

Stacey and Zach married young seven years ago.  Tragedy had them going their separate ways.  Now Zach is back.  Can their future now hold the promise they’d once thought would be theirs?

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The Banished Bride


USA Today bestselling author Barbara McMahon’s most recent publication is a departure from her traditionally contemporary romances.  The Banished Bride is set in England’s Recency period and is thus far her only historical romance. 

When newly wed Arabella, countess of Waverly is discovered in a compromising situation, her husband doesn’t hesitate a moment to banish her from London to avoid scandal.  He then leaves England to fight against Napoleon.  Four years later, when he’s injured and returns home, he is startled to find his errant wife at home at his family estate–not where he sent her. 

This time things will be different.  Arabella is no longer dependent upon her husband, she has received a trust fund that will allow her to set up her own house in London.  To avoid scandal, he convinces her to pretend they have a satisfactory marriage–at least until his sister is wed.

Only neither suspects a man from the past will wreak havoc with their family again.


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BarbaraMcMahon_PaperMarriage_200pxThe Paper Marriage

USA Today Bestselling author Barbara McMahon’s latest book is a classic marriage of convenience story.

Miracles don’t happen to young widows in the last stages of pregnancy and working long hours to save every penny possible for when the baby arrives. Yet that’s exactly what Lindsay Donovan believes when Luke Winters shows up late one night at the café where she works and out of the blue asks her to marry him.

The catch? It’s in name only. A piece of paper makes it legal, but beyond that, it’s not a match made in heaven. In fact, no sooner are they wed when the groom leaves the country for four months.

When he returns the charade escalates when he proposes Lindsay and her baby visit his dying grandfather with him, to show the old man Luke’s settled for the future. Will this paper marriage implode when family dynamics take an unexpected turn?

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A note from Barbara

So glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll explore all of my website to learn about the romance novels I’ve written and a bit about me.

It’s been said my books are warm and emotionally heartfelt romance stories. I like to think I touch the heart of my characters and share their ups and downs on the rocky road to true happiness. Cowboys are my favorite heroes, but I also branch out to other areas and have written several romances with a Christian Inspiration theme–with more to come. I even ventured into the historical realm with one book–The Banished Bride featured here and under Other Books.

The Cowboy Hero series always have a cowboy as the hero and are often set in Wyoming, one of my favorite states to visit. The Tropical Escape books have a sea setting–whether on a sloop in the Caribbean or some exotic island I tried to capture the feel of sea breezes, warm waters and love.

Do check out some excerpts from different books. I hope you’ll find one or two that catch your fancy.

Let’s keep in touch. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for my newsletter. I’d love to hear from you.