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I'll Take Forever by Barbara McMahonRomancing the cop...

Love the second time around can be scary–
this time Jenny wants forever.


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Cowboy Marshal

Cowboy Marshal

Book Six: Cowboy Hero Series

Cowboy Marshal,

Book Six of my Cowboy Hero series.

Savannah Adams is the primary witness to a brutal murder. When her own life’s threatened, she’s placed into protective custody of the U.S. Marshal Service until the trial. When a second attempt is made, she’s whisked away from her native Miami Beach and hidden at a ranch in Wyoming–complete with a cowboy marshal. Instead of warm water and sugar-sand beaches, she’s faced with horses, cattle, freezing mountain streams and non-stop cowboys.

Mike Black’s doing his best to remember business and not pleasure when faced with the blonde beauty from Florida. He wants to keep her safe and that includes safe from the cowboys on the ranch. Opposites attract and while she’s falling for the cowboy protecting her, he’s doing his best to keep his distance. She’s an assignment and all that kissing could be construed as dangerous to the job–and his equilibrium.

Is it a temporary aberration due to forced close quarters? How can a Miami beach bunny and a gun toting cowboy marshal ever hope to build a future together?

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Summer Cowboy
Summer Cowboy

Book Seven, Cowboy Hero Series

USA Today best selling author Barbara McMahon has another book in her Cowboy Hero series. 

Becca Montgomery’s been waiting six years for the chance to travel. As soon as her younger brother returns from college to take over the running of the family cattle ranch, she’s off on a month-long adventure. Instead–she’s shocked to learn he’s not returning at all. Stunned with the news, she doesn’t know which way to turn. She’s been counting on him.

Josh Randall’s a cowboy with a fixed idea in mind–earn enough money to buy his own spread. A short-term summer job should give him the final amount needed for a down payment on a ranch he has his eye on. But most ranches are hiring for the long term and he’s only available for the summer.

Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it and find out it’s not nearly enough.

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A note from Barbara

Welcome to my website!

So glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll explore all of my website to learn about the romance novels I’ve written and a bit about me.  After years of writing contemporary romance novels, I ventured into an historical one, set in the English Regency period, and my latest, a romantic suspense book

It’s been said my books are emotionally heartfelt romance stories. I like to think I touch the heart of my characters and share their ups and downs on the rocky road to true happiness. Cowboys are my favorite heroes, but I also branch out to other areas and have written several romances with a Christian Inspiration theme–with more to come.

A couple of themes tie some books together.  The Cowboy Hero series always have a cowboy as the hero and are, of course, set in the American West. The Tropical Escape books have a sea setting–whether on a sloop in the Caribbean or some exotic tropical island I tried to capture the feel of sea breezes, warm waters and love.  And my Rocky Point books are all set in the fictitious town of Rocky Point, Maine.

Do check out some excerpts from different books. I hope you’ll find one or two that catch your fancy.

Let’s keep in touch. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.   Do please sign up for my Readers Group and I’ll let you know when I have new books coming out.  And do write and let me know how you like the books. I’d love to hear from you.