Cowboy's Bride

Cowboy's Bride by Barbara McMahon

Book Two: Cowboy Heroes Series

Cowboy’s Bride is a stand alone book.  No need to have read the first in the series to enjoy this one.


When Kalli Bonotelli inherits a ranch in Wyoming, she immediately leaves Boston for the west and a new life. She’s spent summers here as a teenager and always dreamed of running the ranch. However, she hasn’t a clue how to start.

When neighbor Trace Longford offers to buy her ranch, she turns the offer into a chance to learn what she can about operating a profitable cattle ranch. Only Trace doesn’t believe she can stay the course–or learn enough to run the place. Despite their differences, one thing they have in common–an unexpected intense attraction to each other.

When Trace tries to teach her the ins and outs of ranching, he’s handicapped by the way his mind keeps imagining taking her to bed instead of teaching her how to brand a calf.

Kalli wants it all, the ranch and Trace. But can they ever agree on anything? Or will she give up her dream and return to Boston with the memory of the sexy cowboy the only thing she takes with her?