The Bachelor's Baby Promise

The Bachelor's Baby Promise by Barbara McMahon

Contemporary Romance

Jared Montgomery returns home to New Orleans to recuperate from an oil rig explosion in the middle east, with his best friend’s baby in tow. Hired to watch the baby while Jared recovers from his injuries, Jenny Stratford is thrilled to have a summer job in the Crescent City. In no time she falls in love with the baby.

While Jared’s name is on the birth certificate, the baby isn’t his and he plans to put her up for adoption. He can’t take her with him to the oil fields, and doesn’t plan to settle down any time soon. Jenny thinks this would be a mistake and tries to talk Jared into raising the little girl in honor of his best friend. If he weren’t so set on returning to the Middle East-a place totally unsuitable for an infant-would he consider it? The clash of values puts them on the opposite sides of the issue. Only when it comes time for Jared to relinquish the baby are different options explored. Does he propose marriage just for the baby’s sake?