The Banished Bride

The Banished Bride by Barbara McMahon

Historical Romance

A different kind of book.  My one and so far only historical romance–set in Regency England.

Arabella, Countess of Waverly, was banished to the North of England four years ago by her irate husband. Falsely accused of scandalous behavior weeks into their marriage, she had no recourse but to acquiesce to his harsh decree. Now she’s come into an inheritance which will enable her to return to London.

Justin, Earl of Waverly was reported killed by Napoleon’s troops in Spain. When he returns home unexpectedly on the eve of Arabella’s return to London, the sparks fly. Scandal is one thing Justin refuses to allow taint his name.

She is determined to set up her own establishment in London. Which would feed the gossip he is trying to avoid. They strike an agreement. He will lend his countenance if she will agree to behave with propriety and assist in launching his younger sister to the ton. Justin vows he will watch her every move. Arabella cautiously agrees, determined to find a way to clear her in her husband’s eyes and prove once and for all she was innocent of the scandalous behavior he believes of her.