Tangled Hearts

Book Two: The Harts of Texas Series

Career trumps romance

For the last two years Brianna Hart has focused on her career in order to forget the man who dumped her. She’s a bit wary around those of the opposite gender these days, but time enough in the future to think about love and commitment. When her home is broken into, her office ransacked and her car searched the last person she wanted involved in any investigation is Detective Jake Morgan, the man who broke her heart two years ago.

To serve and protect

Jake Morgan’s no longer a beat cop, and has no business responding to the call of a B&E but he was almost at the address when the call came in. To his surprise it’s the woman he stopped seeing two years ago. Nothing adds up—not who could be stalking her, nor why she’s still single when he thought she was on the verge of getting engaged to another man.

He wants to protect—wouldn’t he do that for any citizen? But when the chips are down, he lays his heart on the line.