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Island Rendezvous

Katie Donovan kicks over the traces of her loveless marriage and heads for Key West to start a new life in the sun and fun of the beach. To her shock, her husband follows and demands she return home to Boston. Digging in Katie refuses, and so starts an unusual courtship by a man who was too busy before, but now determined not to lose his wife.

Island Paradise 

Stranded on an exotic island in the south Pacific, Mary-Kate is enchanted with the island, the people she meets and their slower way of life. Too bad she isn’t as enchanted with the island’s stern owner. Her attempts to leave are constantly delayed. Then just when she’s about to change her mind about wanting to leave, the way is clear. Now what’s a woman to do–leave the man she’s fallen for behind, or stay where she’s not wanted? 

Come Into The Sun 

Banished from the family estate in England a decade ago by a overbearing, unforgiving grandfather, Alexis Kent has led a life of adventure in the Caribbean working on sail boats and going wherever her interests lead her. A recent unfortunate turn of events has her stranded on a remote island. Her only way off–signing on as the sole crew member for an eccentric writer who wants nothing to do with the trappings of civilization. Neither expected the sparks that flew.