Hiram C. Meek Page


Below is the link to the California State program for 2017-2018.  Please read through and see what project you’d like to take on and report to the society at a fall meeting.


The Summer Workshop for the North will be on August 6 at the state capitol grounds.  Andrew will be leading the meeting and would like as many of the HCMS members as possible to be there to support him. 


Also, if you are a committee chair, please plan to say a few words about your committee’s contests to encourage societies to enter.

That would be:

Andrew M.

Justin H.

Dylan H.

Cozmo S.

Mikayla H.

For our own projects to present to the societies for contests, please review the State Packet.


Once you chose a contest, please let me know.  I’ll be contacting you in September if you don’t let me know before then.