A Rodeo Knights Western Romance

Cowboy Charade

Cowboy Charade–A Rodeo Knights Western Romance

Barrel Racer
Susannah Davis loves the rodeo. She and her horse have done well in barrel racing this year and she has hopes to make it to the finals in Las Vegas. Yet it all may come to an end when she discovers drugs hidden in her truck. Is someone setting her up? Or merely using her truck as a means of transportation?

All Around Cowboy
Toby Palmer and his partner were high on the charts of this year’s rodeo events–until his partner is arrested accused of smuggling drugs. Toby knows that’s impossible and sets out to find who’s responsible to get his partner out of jail.

The one person on the rodeo circuit Susannah can trust is Toby Palmer. Together they contact Jesse Knight of Knight Agency Investigations to help them discover who’s using the rodeo as a part of a drug smuggling ring. What better cover than that of falling in love to fool others in thinking their time investigating is really personal. Can this charade become real?

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The Ultimate Billionaires

The Unforgettable Sheikh

The Unforgettable Sheikh

Lost Love
Ten years ago Chloe and Ben were in love, talking marriage, and making plans for the future. Then he vanished. All plans were shattered and heartbreak became a constant companion. Putting the past behind her at last, Chloe focuses on her new life’s path–but never forgot.

Duty Calls
Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah’s happiest years were when he was a graduate student at Berkeley. He found a woman who loved him for himself not his family’s wealth. He’d even hoped things would work out for him and Chloe– after all doesn’t love conquer all? But duties and responsibilities swept him back to his homeland and he lost the woman he loved.

Second Chance?
When Chloe sees Ben for the first time in ten years, she’s shocked to learn he’s a wealthy sheikh from an oil-rich company signing a treaty with the US. He spots her and before long confronts her to find she hold only contempt. Could they have a second chance to live the plans they’d made or would the heartbreak and feelings of betrayal from the past prove too strong to overcome?


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A note from Barbara

Welcome to my website!

So glad you stopped by. I hope you’ll explore all of my website to learn about the romance novels I’ve written and a bit about me.  After years of writing contemporary romance novels, I ventured into an historical one, set in the English Regency period, and another experiment with a romantic suspense book

It’s been said my books are emotionally heartfelt romance stories. I like to think I touch the heart of my characters and share their ups and downs on the rocky road to true happiness. Cowboys are my favorite heroes, but I also branch out to other areas and have written several romances with a Christian Inspiration theme–with more to come.

A couple of themes tie some books together.  The Cowboy Hero series always have a cowboy as the hero and are, of course, set in the American West. The Tropical Escape books have a sea setting–whether on a sloop in the Caribbean or some exotic tropical island where I tried to capture the feel of sea breezes, warm waters and love.  And my Rocky Point books are all set in the fictitious town of Rocky Point, Maine.

Do check out some excerpts from different books. I hope you’ll find one or two that catch your fancy.

Let’s keep in touch. You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  Please sign up for my Readers Group and I’ll let you know when I have new books coming out.  And write and let me know how you like the books. I’d love to hear from you.