The Cynical Sheikh

Book 1: The Ultimate Billionaires

Love at first sight
Laura has never believed in the adage of love at first sight, though her friend is an absolute believer. Yet when she meets a dashing, tall, dark and handsome man at a charity event, she falls head over heels. She’s swept away with fabulous dates from a hot air balloon ride to a fantastic weekend away. Could this be forever love?

Family first at all costs
When Sheikh Taliq discovers his younger cousin is involved again with another gold digger, he makes plans to lure the woman away from his cousin, lavish her with attention–and trinkets–until she chooses him as a wealthy prospect. Then he will repudiate her–showing his cousin her true colors.

Tangled web
To Taliq’s utter astonishment, his cousin announces his engagement to another women. What of Laura? Has he been totally mistaken about her? Has he lost any chance with a woman he was growing to love?